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About the observatory
 The opening of the educational astronomical observatory at the National University of Uzbekistan took place on August 20, 2011. The observatory is the educational base of the National University of Uzbekistan. This was the result of the joint work of the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of UzAS, the National University of Uzbekistan and the Institute of Materials Science (NPO "Physics-Sun") of UzAS. The observatory is located in Parkent on the territory of the Institute of Materials Science and is equipped with an AZT-14 telescope with an aperture 48 cm. A CCD camera is used as a receiver. The telescope was restored at the Astronomical Institute - the main mirror was re-aluminized in Japan. A lot of work has been done to restore the mechanics and electronics of the telescope. As a result, this recovery telescope operates in a semi-automatic mode.

 In addition to scientific projects, the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute also carries out general educational projects. The main task of the latter is to popularize astronomy, as well as to assist educational institutions with astronomical departments. Within the framework of these projects, it is planned to create a whole network of scientific and educational observatories on the basis of the universities of the republic.

 The telescope of the observatory will be used for laboratory, term papers and theses of university students. It should also be noted that the potential of this tool allows it to be used not only in practical training sessions, but also to perform research tasks.

Observatory instruments
AZT-14 reflector telescope 48см
(read more ...) Manufacture: LOMO (Россия, Санкт-Петербург)
Mounting type: german equatorial
Primary mirror: diameter 480mm;
Focal ratio:
Type of optical system:
Equivalent focal length:
Equivalent focal ratio:
Diameter of the central hole of the primary:
Diameter of the Cassegrain mirror:
Focal plane to be moved outside the surface of the primary:
Diameter of the guiding tube:
Finder tube AT-1:
Limiting magnitude:

CCD camera
(read more ...)

Manuals & Documentation
Contact Information
Parkent Educational Observatory at the National University of Uzbekistan
Changi-Xisarak road., Parkent district 102226,
"Sun" settlement, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.
Institute of Material Science of NPO "Physics-Sun" Uzbekistan Academy of Science
Contact person: Akhunov T.A. (

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