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About Samarkand Scientific-Educational Observatory
 The opening ceremony of the educational astronomical observatory at the Samarkand State University coincided with the solar eclipse that took place on March 29, 2006. Astronomers of the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the UzAS presented a Grubb Parsons telescope with a mirror diameter of 48 cm as a gift to students of Samarkand University. This was the result of the joint work of the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the UzAS and Samarkand State University.

 In addition to scientific projects, the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute also carries out general educational projects. The main task of the latter is to popularize astronomy, as well as to assist educational institutions with astronomical departments. Within the framework of these projects, it is planned to create a whole network of scientific and educational observatories on the basis of the universities of the republic.

 The Samarkand Astronomical Observatory has become the first educational and scientific observatory based on university in Central Asia, where conduct practice of astronomical observations, course and Master degree theses of university students will be carried out. In addition, teachers and students of universities of the Republic, where training and participate in real astronomical observations on a professional astronomical instrument.

Observatory instruments
Grubb Parsons Reflector Telescope 48см
(read more ...) Manufacture: Grubb Parsons
Mounting type: german equatorial
Primary mirror: diameter 480mm; thickness 70mm
Focal ratio: 1:4.8
Type of optical system: Cassegrain system
Equivalent focal length: 9540mm
Equivalent focal ratio: 1:20
Scale: 10mm = 3,6'
Diameter of the central hole of the primary: 50mm
Diameter of the Cassegrain mirror: 128 mm
Focal plane to be moved outside the surface of the primary: 290 mm
Diameter of the guiding tube: 130 mm, and its focal length 194 mm
Finder tube AT-1: diameter 50 mm, field of view 11 deg, magnification 6x
Limiting magnitude: ~17 in R-band

Apogee CCD Camera (AP10)
(read more ...) Model: E10
2048 x 2048 array, 14 x 14 micron pixels
1 MHz 16-bit digitization and 1.4 MHz 12-bit digitization to 24Mbyte camera memory
100bT Ethernet interface: up to 300 kHz throughput
TCP/IP or UDP protocols
DHCP or fixed IP addressing
No plug in cards or external controllers
Programmable, intelligent cooling to 45°C below ambient
Binning up to 10 Horizontal x 2048 Vertical
Subarray readout and fast sequencing modes
Precision time delayed integration (TDI) readout
Programmable fan speed for low / zero vibration
Two serial port outputs for control of peripheral devices
General purpose programmable I/O port
External triggering and strobe controls
ActiveX drivers and Maxim DL/CCD software included with every system
Field upgradeable firmware
Self-test capability with integrated light source and data simulators
Fused silica windows
Runs from single 12V supply with input voltage monitors
Compact enclosure
Programmable status indicators
Камера оснащена набором из четырех стандарных фильтров BVRI

Manuals & Documentation
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